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Height: 6 in.
Base Diameter: 4 in.
Volume: 16-18 oz.

Pictured in Oak

Ceramic teapots are perfect for filling with boiling hot water and throwing in 2-3 bags of tea. Then using as your "hot tea home base", and refilling your tea cup every so often so that it doesn't get cold before you have a chance to drink it all. This same process can also be used for coffee! And comes in extra handy when you have guests over. 

The lid is finished with a smooth wooden knob, for easy gripping and an organic mixed-media touch. 

Although the Teapot cannot be put on a stovetop to heat water, they can be used with our Mug Warmers to keep hot for an extended period of time (they are the bomb, I cannot recommend them enough). 

All Jars of Dust pieces are handmade in our Virginia Beach studio from start to finish. Every item is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. 

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