NEW space + NEW clay

new space, who dis?

For the past two years the Jars of Dust studio has been operating out of my brother-in-law’s garage and the Jars of Dust office has been operating out of my spare bedroom/kitchen floor. I have been so thankful for our lovely locals that come to pick up their orders from our open garage door - most of the time pulling up a little apprehensively and wondering if they’re at the right location. Thank you so much to those far and near for trusting us despite our very humble beginnings!

With that said though, we are absolutely elated to announce that we are moving into a NEW SPACE! A space that will have a public showroom to come and shop from, a space with our studio under the same roof for you to get a glimpse of the production side of things, and (with time) a space where we will host events and workshops.

Right now we are in the process of building out and renovating the new building with plans to open in Spring 2019. It will be located in The Vibe Creative District of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront area. As we close in on a more specific opening date we will be able to release more specific details as well. And if you follow us on instagram, we will begin to share the renovation process with our followers soon!

We are so so sooo excited for the growth that Jars of Dust has experienced the past few years that allows us to be able to make a move like this. It’s really all thanks to you guys.

new clay, who dis?

Another thing to note and in the same vane of transitions, we are switching up our clay body. The clay body is the structural material of all of our pieces, it’s exposed around most of the rims and bases and plays a big part in the design aesthetic of our wares. It also has a substantial impact on glaze chemistry, color, and texture.

The root of this decision came from asking ourselves the questions, “How can we provide better? Serve better? Be better?” So after taking a step back and looking at Jars of Dust from a more removed perspective, and then focusing in and looking at the little important details - we decided it was time to make “better” happen. We are not just changing our clay body on a whim, for the heck of it, or because we got bored - believe me, it would be much easier for us to keep it the same forever. Any transition or change we implement will be based on refining our product and refining your experience with us. We believe there is always room to grow, and if we see that room and decide not to fill it then we are doing a disservice to not only ourselves - but to our customers most of all.

We understand that so many of you have pieces in our current clay body and are working towards building upon your sets and collections. That was and always will be our main priority to protect as we grow. So don’t worry, our new clay really is not much different and when paired with our current clay the two will most definitely be designed to sing rather than clash.

To be specific, our current clay is a warm chestnut brown with earthy texture, and our new clay will be a smokey grey also with some earthy grit to it. All of our tableware designs will stay the same in terms of size, so building upon sets will be seamless.

If the clay switch up is really throwing you for a loop and has you stressin’, don’t worry! If you want to order any tableware pieces in our current clay it is still available between now and May 1 (or while supplies last). After that date or after supplies run out, we will not be able to produce anymore work in our current clay body. Gotta make room for the new (and improved)!