Autumn in a Mug

For me, seasons are defined (and enjoyed) by their respective beverages. Spring/Summer is iced coffee, strawberry lemonade, and gin + tonics. Fall/Winter is warm lattes, spiced teas, and bourbon. Let’s take it slow and just focus on the spiced tea category for now.

I want to share with you my Chai tea ritual…


First, treat yourself to one of our Mugs and/or Tea Brewers. We also have a Tea Set that would just heighten your whole tea drinking experience. Because the act of tea making + tea drinking IS an experience, a ceremony even. In the morning, it warms and awakens your mind + body for a full day of living. In the evening, it brings everything back to center and back to simple for a restful night’s reset. Don’t down play these sweet moments of self care.


Once you have your tea equipment, make sure you have these…


Any kind of Chai Tea, we like this one

Hot water

Pure Honey

Warm cream/milk (any kind that suits your needs - soy, coconut, half+half, etc.)



Now get ready for the easiest Autumn-in-a-mug concoction…


  1. Boil 1-2 cups of water (per serving)

  2. Place Chai tea bags in your Tea Brewer (1 per serving)

  3. Fill your Tea Brewer with the hot water

  4. Let brew for about 5 min, or more depending on your strength preference

  5. Pour tea into your Mug

  6. Drizzle and mix in your preferred amount of honey

  7. Add your preferred amount of milk (best when steamed or frothed, but not necessary)

  8. Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon/nutmeg on top

  9. Sit somewhere cozy, grab a blanket, open a book, and enjoy!

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