The name's Pie. Apple Pie.

Our special apple pie recipe for our Pie Dish and the Ramekin.

Here’s what we believe about apple pie - the apples should be soft and melt in your mouth (not in the least bit firm or crunchy), the filling should be sweet and just a touch tart, gooey and cinnamony, the crust should be flakey and a little salty, and it should be served with vanilla bean ice cream.

It should only last but a few hours before you or your family devours the entire thing. If it lasts longer, you might have done something wrong.

Happy fall, y’all!



2 boxes of soft refrigerated pie crusts (we used Pillsbury)


9 peeled and thinly sliced large apples (we had a mixture of honey crisp, gala, and granny smith)

1 and 1/4 cup sugar

3 tablespoons flour

1 and 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 egg (for an egg wash over top of the crust, not for the filling)

Squeeze half a lemon over the apples after you cut them to keep them from browning


  1. Place pie crusts in our ungreased Pie Dish and Ramekin. Making sure to press it firmly against the bottom of the dishes, and around the edges going all the way up to just inside of the rim.

  2. In a large bowl, mix together all of the ingredients.

  3. Spoon gently into both pie dishes, completely covering the bottom and coming up level with the rim.

  4. Lay out top crusts on a flat surface and cut out long 1in wide strips. Lattice them over the top of each pie. Curl and pinch excess crust inward and press inside the rim.

  5. Whisk up the egg and apply over the crust as a wash, then sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar over the whole surface.

  6. Place both pies into an unpreheated oven. Set temperature to 425˚. Set timer for 25 min.

  7. (If the edges have turned to a golden brown) Take out and cover just the edges with tin foil to keep those from getting too crispy. Leaving the center of the pie exposed.

  8. Place back into the oven for 20 min.

  9. Remove from oven once the crust has cooked to a nice golden brown.

  10. Set out to cool for ~1 hour before serving.



Please feel free to comment with any questions, how YOUR pies turned out, and photos of your Pie Dishes in use!

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